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Universal Fume Hoods

The Universal Fume Hood is designed for light to medium duty fume removal, and offers such features as a sturdy dual wall construction, and a fully vertical sliding sash.

• Ideal for Laboratories with limited space, offered in 24”, 30”, 36”,   and 48” widths, the Universal is perfect for laboratories where
  space is limited or when multiple hoods are needed.
• Durable One-Piece Fiberglass Construction, Completely molded
  of durable chemical resistant and fire retardant fiberglass. The   Hood interior features seamless, one piece construction with all   coved corners for easy cleaning. Dual walls reduce sound and   vibration. Varaflow baffle efficiently directs air through the fume   chamber.
• Fully Adjustable Sliding Sash, the sash is made of 3/16” thick
  shatterproof Plexiglas and is fully adjustable to allow easy access
  into the fume chamber. “Easy-Touch” operation allows for precise
  positioning. Vapor proof incandescent lighting provides a bright,
  glare free work area.
• A full selection of accessories and components including work
  surfaces, base cabinets, plumbing and electrical services are
  available. Electrical components are installed but not wired and
  must comply to electrical codes.
• Shipped completely assembled and equipped, ready for operation.
• Can be ducted if necessary to meet venting requirements.
  Universal Fume Hoods
Universal Fume Hoods
Universal Fume Hoods
  Fume Hood Width “A”
Specifications 24” 30” 36” 48”
Universal Fume Hood with Vapor Proof light switch and 8’ 3 wire cord 115V. All electrical services are U.L and C.S.A. approved.
Shipped completely assembled.
92021 93021 90321 90421
Universal Fume Hood with vapor proof light and exhaust blower, same as above except equipped with built in 115V, 60Hz blower with polypro impeller wheel. 92022 93022 90322 90422
Universal Fume Hood with explosion proof light. (U.L. approved Class 1, Group D; Class II, Group E,F,and G.) Switch and wiring not included with hood, must be furnished by customer to comply with local codes. 92023 93023 90323 90423
Universal Fume Hood with explosion proof light and explosion proof Blower, same as above except equipped with built in explosion proof 115/230V, 60Hz blower with polypro impeller wheel (U.L. approved Class 1.
Group D; Class II Group E, F, and G.
92024 93024 90324 90424
Base Table 52422 53022 53622 54822
Phenolic Work Surface 92028 93028 90328 90428
Fume Hood Safety Panel, inserted under the sash to protect operator from hazards from within the fume chamber. 92015 93015 90315 90415
Universal Fume Hood Sizes
A 24” 30” 36” 48”
B 18” 24” 27” 39”
C 20” 20” 20” 20”
D 36” 36” 36” 36”
E 23” 23” 23” 23”
F 21” 21” 21” 21”
G 6” 6” 6” 8”
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