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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods
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  Fume Hoods BTT
LE Fume Hood

48" UniFlow LE Dual Entry Laboratory Fume Hood
UniFlow LE Dual Entry Fume Hood. Fume hood features a composite resin construction with horizontal sliding glass panels on front and rear. The hood also includes a vapor proof light and switch, observation window on the side, and a plastic laminate work-surface. Dimensions of fume hood: 48”w x 30”d x 48”h (SF90114) 12140, base table not included

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Ref # BN023

36" UniFlow Model 13691 CE AireStream Fume Hood

36”w x 24”d x 45”h with molded seamless composite resin fume chamber, vapor proof light fixture and light switch

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Ref # BN01-0517

  EnviroMax BTT

60" EnviroMax Laminar Flow Enclosure
60”w x 36”d x 88”h, Designed to isolate lab automation instrumentation in a HEPA filtered environment. Enclosure features a fan powered HEPA filter system, fluorescent light, hinge-up access view window on front and horizontal slide access panels on right side. Framework of enclosure and support base is of powder coated steel. Worksurface is phenolic resin. Mag gauge is included.

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Ref # BN014

  Vented Enclosures BTT
Down Draft

48" Backdraft Acrylic Exhaust Plenum
Backdraft Acrylic Exhaust Plenum with 6” diameter exhaust collar. Designed to locate on countertop and pull non-hazardous fumes away from user.  Dimensions: 48”w x 12”d x 24”h includes: (1) 302 (SE10025)

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Ref # BN024


46.5" Inspection Dead-Air Enclosure
Inspection Dead Air Enclosure 46.5”w X  24.25“d X  24.25“h.Constructed with plastic laminate walls and ceiling. Front has clear horizontal sliding acrylic panels (4) on (2) tracks for access. A fluorescent light with light switch is ceiling mounted with power cord. Enclosure is mounted on a fixed 36” high mobile C-frame table with casters. Work surface is ergonomic plastic laminate.

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Ref # BN047


22" Stainless Steel Vented Enclosure
Stainless Steel enclosure measures 22”w X 21”d X 15”h. Stainless steel construction with clear hinged front view sash, 7” high opening before sash for access and air entry, stainless steel slide out base tray, Blower, Exhaust light, and Filter.

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Ref # BN048

  Casework BTT

36" Pathology Grossing Station, All Stainless Steel Construction
36”w x 54”h x 30”d constructed of welded seamless stainless steel including cabinet. Ergonomic workstation includes sloped slicing pan into sink, holes for washdown fixture and faucet, fluorescent light, angled slotted exhaust baffle, storage cabinet with horizontal slide doors and 4”x 8” outlet for duct connection.

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Ref # BN010

Stainless Casework

Casework Grouping
Stainless Steel Sink Cabinet with blue table & stainless steel worksurface

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Ref # BN026

Stainless Casework

Casework Grouping
3 Stainless Steel Cabinets with blue doors, and worksurface

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Ref # BN029


18" Casework
Base Cabinet Setting height, 18” w X 22“d X 28” h. Welded steel construction with powder coat finish, (3) drawers 70701

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Ref # BN046


48" Mobile Cart
Mobile Cabinet  48” w X 22“d X 38” h. Welded steel construction with chemical resistant powder coat finish, (2) doors, (1) adjustable shelf, (4) casters, (2) locking, Work surface not included.

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Ref # BN045


24" Chemical Resistant Storage Shelf
Chemical Resistant Storage Shelf 24” w X 12“d X 24” h. With (1) fixed shelf, (1) shelf on the bottom, PolyPro Construction for chemical resistance.

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Ref # BN042

  Lab Equipment BTT

10" Molded Fiberglass Exhaust Shroud
Molded Fiberglass Exhaust Shroud 10” w X 4“d X 5” h. With 3” dia outlet for dust collection. Color: Gray

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Ref # BN038


24" Lab Countertop Exhaust Vent Shroud
Molded Fiberglass Exhaust Shroud  24” w X 6“d X 6” h. With 3” dia air inlet slot for locating at the rear of a Lab countertop, to sweep out possible fumes.  Color: Silver Beige

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Ref # BN039


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