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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods
HEMCO Building
Ronald E. Hill HEMCO celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2008.
....."This is quite an accomplishment for a small start up business. We were honored by the Mayor of Independence, and we all cut the ribbon for HEMCO's next 50 years. 2017 is our 59th year, and we look forward to continued growth and service to the industries we serve.
....."One of our most important associations over the past 29 years is our membership in SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association) which this year marks SEFA's 29th anniversary. HEMCO is proud to be one of the founding members since 1988. SEFA is a growing and preferred association that represents all Laboratory Fume Hood Furniture Manufacturers worldwide.
Ronald E. Hill P.E.
CEO & Co-Founder
HEMCO's Membership in Technical Associations, Inspires Innovation

.....The year 2009 marked a new beginning for HEMCO, we became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The International Standard Organization is recognized in the USA and 178 countries worldwide. HEMCO's management team has adopted the ISO quality management and procedures into our daily operating system. By continuing to improve manufacturing procedures & operations, it creates efficiency with employee involvement. "We say what we do and we do what we say" We strive to make our customers experience number 1, with our prompt service. Completing projects on time and within budget.
.....The next year, 2010, HEMCO's UniFlow SE Aire Stream, UniFlow LE & UniFlow CE fume hoods became U.L. classified to U.L.1805 standards for laboratory fume hoods & cabinets. Underwriter Laboratories have 69 labs and certified testing facilities in the US, and over 100 countries worldwide, with 6,600 employees to service the U.L. clients. U.L. has tested HEMCO HiPel composite fiberglass laminate for chemical & flame resistance and to NFPA 45 for plastics suitable to use in the laboratory. All of HEMCO's fume hoods are tested to meet U.L. standard 3101 for electrical circuitry & are listed and compliant to U.L.1805 -3101, CSA, and CE classifications.
.....Consider UniFlow Fume Hoods on your next lab project.

Thank You and as Always Welcome to HEMCO
HEMCO 50th
NSPE National Society of
Professional Engineers
Member Since 1970
SEFA Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association Founding Member 1988
ACS American Chemical Society
Chemical Health & Safety
Member Since 1989
ASHRAE American Society of
Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
Member Since 1989
ISPE International Society of
Pharmaceutical Engineers
Member Since 1994
ISO ISO 9001:2008
Certified Company
Since 2009
UL Underwriters LaboratoriesCertified 1805 and 3101
Since 2010
I2SL International Institute for
Sustainable Laboratories
Member Since 2012
AIA American Institute
of Architects
Member Since 2013
US Green Building U.S. Green
Building Council
Member Since 2014

SE AireStream

HEMCO offers a complete line of UniFlow laboratory fume hoods. Bench-mounted hoods in widths from 24” to 96”. Floor-mounted (walk-in) hoods from 48” to 144” wide and up to 96” deep. UniFlow fume hoods are designed for performance, user protection, & save 50% on reduced energy cost.

U.L., Underwriters Laboratory U.L. 1805 for fume hoods & cabinets, this classification covers construction, materials, flammability, & containment. U.L. 3101 electrical performance is tested using HIPOT testing, (high potential high voltage). HEMCO’s test facility is compliant to test fume hoods for U.L.1805 Classification
CSA, Canadian Standards Associations CAN/CSA - C22.2
CE European Community Configured International Electrical Services.
OSHA, Occupational Health & Safety Federal Register 29 CFR part 1910
SEFA, Scientific Equipment Furniture Association, SEFA 1-2010 recommended practices for fume hoods
ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE - 110, 1995
ANSI, American National Standards Institute,Z9.5, 2012 Laboratory Ventilation
ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM E-84, 2001
NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, NFPA - 45, 2000
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
5 year warranty on all UniFlow SE, LE & CE models which are U.L. 1805 classified.
Made in the U.S.A.
UniFlow SE Aire Stream 60 inch laboratory fume hood #45521 shown with optional service fixtures, plumbing and electrical, air flow monitor, work surface, base cabinet and accessories. HEMCO recommends fume hoods be equipped with an air flow monitor, per OSHA 29 CFR part 1910.
Advantages of UniFlow CAV By-Pass Fume Hoods
Cut Energy Costs up to 50%, by reducing the size of the blower &
ductwork required, while lowering installation costs.
• Important: by incorporating Sash Management 1-2-3, you are saving on overall energy costs, and protecting the fume hood user.   • The Sash Stop is designed for user protection and cfm reduction. Allows sash to open to a maximum of half open, providing up to 50% energy savings.
1. Recommended that hoods be used with sash 1/2 open with face velocity of 80-100 fpm. Sash stop can be located to suit. With lower sash closed and upper sash raised to the 1/2 open position the supply air cfm & static pressure are as noted.   • Sash at full open is primarily designed for set-up of equipment and maintenance. Fume hood users should wear personal safety protection equipment, consult Lab Safety Officer.

2. Sash in full open position should be for setup of apparatus & maintenance service only. If design opening is at 1/2 open at 100 fpm, face velocity at full open would be approximately 50 fpm. Therecommended face velocity for efficiency & safety is 80-100 fpm. Lower face velocity may compromise user safety.

  • HEMCO recommends 10-12 room air changes per hour for the health & safety of personnel. Example 10’ X 20’ room 10’ high receiving 10 room air changes per hour requires 350 cfm.
3. When hood is not in use, keep sash in closed position.   • At an average utility rate of $7.00 per cfm, a typical annual savings on a 4’ fume hood would be $2705.00 and on a 6’ fume hood $4067.00, by using Sash Management 1-2-3., Sash Stop at 50% open.
• Sash stops are standard on U.L. Classified Fume Hoods    
Traditional Fume Hoods vs UniFlow Fume Hoods
Innovation is the Difference Between the Same Perspective and an Entirely New one.
  The 1925 Ford Tri-motor, featured all metal construction, no wood. Its fuselage and wings were constructed of corrugated sheet metal, for strength. These aircraft were well-designed, and reliable (for the era).   The Boeing 787 Dreamliner features aerodynamic composite construction. Composites have a higher strength to weight ratio, which helps to make the 787 a lighter more energy efficient aircraft.
Traditional Fume Hoods   1. Fully Assembled Fume Hoods   UniFlow Fume Hoods

Traditional Fume Hood 60” wide Constructed of formed painted sheet metal panels & held together with sheet metal fasteners & brackets. Chemical resistant interior liner panels with sharp corners sealed with caulking.
1 year warranty. Heavy challenging installation.
Weight 435 lbs

UniFlow SE Fume Hood 60” wide Unitized composite superstructure for total chemical resistance. non-metallic construction (NO RUST). Interior fume chamber one piece glass smooth, all coved corners for ease of cleaning. 5 year warranty. Unitized construction reduces weight for ease of installation.
Weight 265 lbs
Weight savings difference = 170 lbs

    2. Disassembled Fume Hoods    

Traditional Fume Hood 60” wide 170 bolts, nuts and screws removed. 14 painted sheet metal panels with fasteners & brackets removed. 8 flat composite liner panels, no caulk to seal cracks, includes sash assembly & 36” fluorescent 2 bulb T-8 light fixture with steel painted white reflector.
Weight 435 lbs

UniFlow SE Fume Hood 60” wide Unitized construction for superior durability and long life.
Meets NFPA 45 for fire resistance in laboratories.
Includes sash assembly & T-5 fluorescent with polished stainless steel reflector.

Weight 265 lbs
Weight savings difference = 170 lbs

    3. Fume Chamber Composite Panels    

Traditional Fume Hood 60” wide 8 composite liner panels to fabricate fume chamber. No caulking or sealant in corner cracks. The ceiling panel shown with sheet metal vent outlet. Sash assembly and light assembly removed.
Weight 139 lbs

UniFlow SE Fume Hood 60” wide Unitized composite superstructure for total chemical resistance. non-metallic construction (NO RUST). Interior fume chamber one piece glass smooth, all coved corners no joints. 5 year warranty. Unitized construction reduces weight for ease of installation.
Sash assembly and light assembly removed.
Weight 210 lbs

Customer Comments:
Hoods, based on the nature of the products we analyze (sulfur chlorides, sulfuric acids, oleums), last about two to three
years. At the end of three years, the chemicals have corroded both the exterior steel panels and the internal steel frame work of the metal hoods. We replaced them eight years ago with HEMCO UniFlow fiberglass fume hoods the installation was easier and we have had no repairs since then. We are building a new facility, and we plan to install HEMCO hoods.
Steve Mixon, Chief Chemist
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