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Radioisotope Metals Fume Hoods
UniFlow Radioisotope fume hoods are available in 48”, 60”, & 72” widths. Interior Fume chamber is constructed of welded type 304 stainless steel to prevent absorption of radioactive & corrosive materials. Stainless steel baffle is removable for ease of cleaning. Work surface is welded integral to the fume chamber and reinforced to support heavy isotope shielding materials.
Radioisotope Metals Fume Hoods
UniFlow Superstructure to be non-metallic FRP composite construction for total chemical resistance, superior durability and long life. Interior fume chamber to be glass-smooth with VaraFlow baffle system & bell shaped exhaust collar. Meets NFPA 45 requirements for flame spread.
Air Foil & Worksurface are constructed of type 304 stainless steel.
Fume Chamber surface is type 304 stainless steel,
# 4 satin finish.
VaraFlow Baffle System maintains uniform air flow thru the fume chamber to exhaust collar outlet.
Access Panel removable to access ducting connections and electrical services from a single point electrical box, 115/60Hz AC operation.
Vapor Proof LED light fixture polished stainless steel reflectors, and light switch on left column, all factory installed. Energy efficient 15W, 50/60Hz, 100-277VAC. 5 Year warranty. U.L. Listed
28” Vertical Sash Height provides ease of access for apparatus set-up in fume chamber. 24" interior reach in depth, and 44" interior working height. Sash is perfectly counter balanced, 3/16 tempered safety glass, coated stainless steel cable with stainless steel pulley assembly. Framed in Stainless steel framing, track, and aerodynamic sash lift for ease of movement and air flow efficiency.
Angled Picture Frame Opening the aerodynamic face opening with stainless steel air foil provides uniform air flow into the fume chamber.
Plumbing Services are color coded to specific service.

UniFlow Radioisotope Fume Hood Cat. No.14601
shown with optional base cabinet and fixtures.

Bag In Bag Out
Bag In Bag Out
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Radioisotope Metals Fume Hoods Specifications
48" 60" 72"
1. UniFlow Radioisotope Fume Hood with Stainless Steel Interior Liner: Seamless type 304 stainless steel fume chamber with integral worksurface all coved corners with baffle and exhaust collar. Picture frame sash opening with counterbalanced clear tempered safety glass sash with chemical resistant stainless steel framing, track, and aerodynamic sash lift. Vapor proof LED light fixture and control switch are wired to a single point junction box, 115/60Hz, AC All electrical components are U.L.listed. Optional electrical services. 30" 14401 14501 14601
2. Radioisotope Exhaust Blowers: V-belt drive stainless steel blower with adjustable shelves, thermal overload protection, and weather cover.
The specifications at right are based on 100 FPM
face velocity.
(For 48”hoods) 1/2 HP Blower - 800 CFM @ 1” SP
(For 60”hoods) 1/2 HP Blower - 938 CFM @ 1” SP     51721-1  
(For 72”hoods) 1/2 HP Blower -1175 CFM @ 1” SP       51724-1
3. HEPA Filter Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter: is contained within a type 304 stainless steel housing with bag-in/bag-out attachment and prefilter. HEPA is 99.99% efficient and the prefilter is 30% efficient. Filter is rated at 1000 CFM. One filter required for 48” and 60”hoods; 2 filters required for 72” hoods.   51189 51189 51189
4. Carbon Filter Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter: is contained within a type 304 stainless steel housing with bag in, bag out attachment and prefilter. Advise factory of specific contaminant and volume so proper carbon can be supplied. Filter rated at 1000 CFM. One filter required for 48”and 60”hoods; 2 filters required for 72” hoods.   51198 51198 51198
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