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MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation
The MicroFlow II Workstation ideal for: A class 1 ductless hood workstation. Equipped with Activated Carbon filtration, for fumes, odors, non-hazardous chemical vapors and pre-filter for particulate filtration.
MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation
• Completely self contained with clear hood surround with safety
  viewing  sash for user.
• Clear hood surround with safety viewing sash allows visibility   from 3 sides, and provides both safety and access to inside   work area. Sash can be conformed for use with a microscope.
• Integral work surface dished to contain spills.
• Variable speed fan control. High speed 100fpm to Low speed   minimum air flow for sensitive operations.
• Operates on 115V AC / 60Hz, or 230V AC / 50Hz International,   Conforms to UL, CSA, & CE requirements.
• 6' Electrical cord connects and disconnects at left rear side
   exits left side.
• Easy change out of used filter. Recommend filter change every   60-90 days or sooner. Filter life varies with usage.
• Filter is removed and replaced inside the fume chamber for
   user safety.
• Dimensions 18” wide X 24” deep X 20” high allows for easy   access with hands and forearms.
Typical Applications:
•General chemistry involving small volumes of
  common chemicals, Individual Work stations
• Tissue staining and processing
• Gluing & Drying operations
• Solvent cleaning of electronic parts
• Soldering fumes and odors
• School demonstration workstations
• Containment of Forensic applications
Safety First Rule: hazardous chemicals require use of gloves & safety glasses
1. MicroFlow II Ductless Workstation Model # 64010
2. Replacement Carbon Filter Model # 52004
3. Replacement Prefilter Model # 64011
MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation
Micro Flow II rear view
MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation MicroFlow II Filtered Workstation
MicroFlow II Replacement of pre-filter on MicroFlow II Replacement of carbon filter on Micro Flow II
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C-Frame Table
The C - Frame Table is designed to support Demonstration Hoods, VSE Enclosures and light weight laboratory equipment.
C-Frame Table
Mobile Table: Sizes from 30”, 36” & 48” wide
• 36” Standard Height
• Constructed of 1” X 2”, 16 gauge rectangular tubing, with
   welded construction
• (4) adjustable leg levelers included
• Epoxy Resin Work Surface measures 3/4” thick X 24” deep X
   Length depending upon size
• Powder Coated finish resists chemicals Color: White

C-Frame table is designed to hold:

• MicroFlow I Workstations

• MicroFlow II Workstations

• MicroFlow III Workstations

• Demonstration Hoods

• VSE Vented Safety Enclosures

• Table Top Fume Hoods

Cat. No. Width "A" Height "B"
50303 36” 28" Sitting
50303 36" 36" Sitting
50403 48" 28" Sitting
50403 48" 36" Sitting
C-Frame Table
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