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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods

HDPE Acid Digestion Fume Hoods

UniFlow Acid Digestion fume hoods feature a one piece fume chamber with integral reinforced work surface, and baffles constructed of HDPE. Digestion hoods come in 48”, 60”, 72” & 96” widths & feature a dedicated wash down & exhaust system.

UniFlow Superstructure constructed of HDPE exclusive unitized dual wall construction for superior chemical resistance (NO RUST), strength, and durability. Vent outlet is integral to superstructure and is available in HDPE lined hoods.
Fume Chamber and baffle are constructed with HDPE liner with 24” or 30” interior depth. The one-piece liner is engineered to resist reactions from corrosive chemicals that don’t require high temperatures.
HDPE Work Surface is welded integral to the fume hood superstructure and dished to contain spillage and includes welded in rear drain trough. If a sink is required HDPE would allow the sink to be welded in.
Access Panel removable to access ducting connections and electrical services from a single point electrical box, 115/60Hz AC operation.
28” Vertical Sash Height provides ease of access for apparatus set-up in fume chamber. 24" or 30" interior reach in depth, and 44" interior working height. Sash is perfectly counter balanced, 3/16 tempered safety glass, coated stainless steel cable with stainless steel pulley assembly. Framed in nonmetallic PVC framing, track, and aerodynamic sash lift for ease of movement and air flow efficiency.
Wash Down System hood is equipped with spray nozzles, piping, valve and rear drain trough for rinsing wash down after usage.
Sash Stop located at 1/2 open position to reduce air flow 50%, (Optional equipment) Cat. No. 51651
Air Flow Monitor(Optional equipment) continuously monitors face velocity air flow, meets ANSI and OSHA requirements.
Cat. No. 51403

UniFlow HDPE Acid Digestion Hood Cat. No. 23511
shown with optional base cabinet and fixtures.


1. Cut energy costs up to 50%. For improved lab efficiency air flow monitors check the fume hood face velocity & help to insure that the proper amount of room air changes per hour are maintained. The sash stop is designed for user protection and CFM reduction, allowing the sash to
open to a maximum position of half open. With an average utility rate of $7.00 per CFM a typical annual savings on a 4' fume hood would be $2705.00 on a 6' fume hood $4067.00.

2. Sash should only set to full open position for the set up of tall apparatus. Personal safety protection should be worn as recommended by the Lab Safety Officer.

3. When the fume hood is not in use return the sash to the closed position.

Fume Hood Face Velocity

The recommended face velocity for efficiency
& safety is 80-100 FPM. Lower face velocity may compromise user safety.

Sash in full open position should be for setup of
apparatus & maintenance service only. Design opening
is at 1/2 open at 100 FPM (feet per minute), face
velocity at full open would be approximately 50 FPM.

HDPE Acid Digestion Fume Hood
Sash Management & Design
Size hood 48” 60” 72” 96”
1/2 open CFM 385 474 592 800
Full open CFM 773 938 1162 1613
48" 60" 72" 96"
1. Uniflow HDPE Acid Digestion Laboratory Fume Hoods: Seamless HDPE fume chamber with integral worksurface and drainage trough, all coved corners with baffle and exhaust collar. Hood has built-in wash down system with spray nozzles and piping to front mounted control valve. Picture frame sash opening with counterbalanced clear polycarbonate sash with chemical resistant PVC framing and track and aerodynamic sash lift. Vapor proof LED light fixture and control switch are wired to a single point junction box, 115/60Hz, AC All electrical components are U.L. listed. 30"





36" 23421 23521 23621 23821
2. Uniflow HDPE Acid Digestion Laboratory Fume Hoods: Same as #1 above, except without trough and wash down. 30" 23431 23531 23631 23831





3. Polypro Exhaust Blower: Belt driven, include TEFC motors and feature a spray wash nozzle and drain in the blower housing. The specifications to the right are based on 100 FPM face velocity.

(For 48” hoods) 1/2 HP Blower - 800 CFM @ 1” SP


(For 60” hoods) 1/2 HP Blower - 1000 CFM @ 1” SP    


(For 72” hoods) 3/4 HP Blower - 1200 CFM @ 1” SP       51497  
(For 96” hoods) 1 HP Blower - 1600 CFM @ 1” SP


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HDPE Acid Digestion Fume Hoods

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