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iso ul New UL UniFlow Fume Hoods

Modular Labs magnifying glass
ModuLab UniLab Environmental Room
Modular workspaces constructed to meet specific laboratory needs. pre-engineered modular construction for fast delivery. Dedicated work environment features an all-glass modular construction, distinctive high tech angled upper panel. Temperature controlled room enclosures are engineered to maintain precise environmental conditions.
Modular Labs
HEMCO modular rooms are engineered and built to meet your exact size and design specification. Wall panel options are available to meet thermal, chemical resistance, sound, and fire rated requirements. Roof / ceiling systems can provide load-bearing capacity or be suspended for overhead supply plenums. Modular room systems are a cost and time effective answer to your enclosure needs. The pre-engineered design allows you to immediately put a facility into use and quickly adapt with minimal installation and costly down time.
ModuLab Designated Lab Work Area BTT
Modular workspaces are constructed to meet your specific laboratory specifications.
  • Pre-engineered modular construction for fast delivery. On time, On budget

  • Adaptable to existing lab space or expansion into warehouse space

  • Can be easily assembled, moved, modified and re-erected as needs change

  • Insulated wall system features chemical resistant and easily cleanable surface skin panels

  • Optional furniture layouts, fume hoods, controlled supply and exhaust air systems
modular room
UniLab Regulated Lab Work Area   BTT
Dedicated work environment featuring an all-glass modular construction with a distinctive high tech angled upper panel.
  • Allows for visual observation of personnel or process in the enclosure

  • Serves as secondary containment between the fume hood and the lab

  • Transparent walls provide an open unconfining full vision work space

  • Capable of incorporating existing walls as part of the enclosed area

  • Utilizes a greater amount of surrounding light

  • Isolates and contains hazardous operations
modular room
Environmental Room   BTT
Controlled room enclosures are engineered to maintain precise environmental conditions.
  • Temperature and humidity control with defined plus / minus tolerances

  • Optional modular cam-lock wall, ceiling, and floor panel systems

  • Air handling units can be floor or roof mounted

  • Airlocks, interlocks and insulated window options are available

  • Room monitoring and control systems

  • Applications include CMM, Tappi, PM 2.5 weigh rooms
enviromental room
Modular Lab Gallery
modroom1 modroom2 modroom3 modroom4 modroom5
Quick Ship Modular Clean Labs
HEMCO ModuLab room structures are innovative, pre-engineered modular laboratory workspaces that are built to your exact process, size and design requirements, for ventilation and safety.

QC Lab

4’ X 8’ QC Lab w/base floor


8’ X 12’ Calibration Lab

QC Lab

10’ X 16’ Clean Lab


Modular Labs and Applications • Industrial Quality Control Laboratory
Hazardous Materials Testing
CMM/Calibration Lab
Controlled Environment Rooms
Designated Control Rooms
Additional Lab Space


As technologies change, companies need facilities that can immediately be put into use or quickly adapt with a minimum amount of installation, time, and cost.

The Modular Clean Lab features a pre-engineered modular wall panel system that is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to traditional construction. It gives you a fully equipped, high quality enclosure that is easily expanded or relocated as needs change. Determine where the room should be located, assemble the Modular Clean Lab, connect services and start your process.


The Modular Clean Lab can fit a wide range of applications. Wall panel options are available to meet thermal, chemical resistance, sound, and fire control requirements. Room roof panels can offer load bearing capacity and suspended ceiling systems are available for pressurized overhead supply plenums.

Complete environmental control systems can be supplied to meet your precise specifications. Temperature, humidity, room pressure, and variable exhaust control packages are engineered into a convenient and versatile control panel.

Modular Clean Labs can be shipped knocked-down to fit through a standard doorway for easy on-site erection. If desired, it can be shipped pre-assembled for turnkey operation complete with laboratory fume hoods, furniture, and all component equipment to meet your laboratory requirements.

You can detail your specific requirement on our convenient specification planner.

Quick Ship Modular Laboratory Floor Plans
Rooms include: lab furniture, countertops (yellow), sink and gooseneck faucet (green), fume hood (orange), fluorescent lighting (blue), and 48” slide entry door (purple).
8’ wide X 6’ deep X 8’ high
Including specs above with

• UniFlow CE 36” Fume Hood
• (1) Vapor proof 48”
fluorescent light fixtures
8’ wide X 8’ deep X 8’ high
Including specs above with

• UniFlow CE 48” Fume Hood
• (2) Vapor proof 48”
fluorescent light fixtures
12’ wide X 8’ deep X 8’ high Including specs above with

• UniFlow LE 48” Fume Hood
• (3) Vapor proof 48”
fluorescent light fixtures
Quick Ship Lab Quick Ship Lab Quick Ship Lab
Cat. No. 81068 Cat. No. 81088 Cat. No. 81812
Plan-A-Lab Worksheet
The HEMCO Plan-A-Lab enables you to conveniently lay out your lab furniture and your pre-engineered modular clean lab structure to enclose and regulate the lab work area.
Furniture Layout Instructions
1. Determine the dimensions of the area (wall to wall) where the proposed lab furniture will be located.
2. Position the countertops in desired location for optimal work flow efficiency and ergonomics.
3. Remember to allow a wider dimension of 42” for aisle width. Higher traffic aisles require a wider dimension.
4. Locate water drain and supply locations for required sink placement.
5. Decide if backsplashes, rear curbs, or island reagent shelves are required.
6. Specify the style of grouping or individual cabinet selection.
7. If utility services are required, such as electrical services, service fixture keycocks, DI or cold water faucets, and safety services, please locate their placement on the benchtops.
8. Specify fume hood model or size if required

Should a modular room structure be required to isolate the lab work area from a surrounding warehouse or production area, follow these steps.

1. Specify inside dimension requirements, verify available height clearance above the room, and verify the distance to the roof above. see above diagram.
2. Determine the number, type, and size of doors required and whether windows are needed.
3. If air conditioning is required, please detail the number of people, heat load of proposed lab instruments, ambient surrounding temperature, and the desired location for HVAC (e.g. floor, wall, roof, etc.).
4. Advise the class of clean room and if an airlock will be necessary.
5. Consider if the proposed lab can be accessed from a dock area.

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