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MLX AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods
The UniFlow MLX series of Fume Hoods are designed and built to accommodate larger equipment and procedures that traditional fume hoods cannot handle. MLX hoods range in size from 60” to 120” wide and 30” to 48” in depth. The MLX series of fume hoods are offered in CAV and VAV models. The modular construction allows the hood to be disassembled. With VaraFlow Vector baffle system.
MLX AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods
UniFlow Superstructure non-metallic construction, total chemical and corrosion resistance, for total chemical and corrosion resistance, superior durability and long life. Interior fume chamber features modular construction, allows for hood to ship or be disassembled.
AireStream VaraFlow Baffle System with vector air flow slots and transition bell exhaust connection for low flow and high performance. Maintains uniform air flow thru the baffle system
to bell shaped exhaust collar outlet.
Access Panel removable to access ducting connections, plumbing & electrical services from a single point electrical box, 115V/60Hz AC operation. Energy efficient vapor proof LED light fixture with polished stainless steel reflectors, and light switch on left column, all factory installed.
30" Vertical Sash Height vertical moving sash for loading & unloading of fume hood. Sash is counterbalanced and connected with coated stainless steel cables, 3/16” tempered safety glass with chemical resistant non-metallic PVC framing track and aerodynamic sash lift.
Full 43" Viewing Height for ease of access, unobstructed view of fume chamber, and working with tall apparatus and distillation grids. Ergonomic sash lift contoured for efficient air flow and ease of movement, standard equipment.
Angled Picture Frame Opening the aerodynamic face opening with air foil provides uniform air flow into the fume chamber and thru the Vector AireStream baffle system.
Air Flow Monitor continuously monitors face velocity air flow, comes standard with analog, digital available. Meets ANSI and OSHA requirements. Optional equipment, Cat. No. 51403
Sash Stop located at 1/2 open position to reduce air flow 50%,
Cat. No. 51651
UniFlow MLX AireStream Fume Hood Catalog No. 65621 shown, with optional worksurface and base cabinet
HORIZONTAL SLIDING SASHES Sash stops available. Max opening is 50%, (4) panels on (2) tracks, conveniently lift out for equipment set-up or cleaning.

COMBINATION VERTICAL MOVING FRAME with HORIZONTAL SLIDING SASHES Offers the advantages of both sash types. Horizontal openings offer energy savings while vertical option allows full access to the fume chamber. Frame is of type 304 stainless steel.

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MLX AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

MLX AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

UniFlow MLX AirStream Specifications & Ordering Info

(A) Width 60" 72" 96" 120"
1. UniFlow MLX AireStream CAV Fume Hood: Air By-pass low flow, constant air volume hood. Dual wall modular construction, all non-metallic corrosion and fire resistant composite fiberglass construction. AireStream VaraFlow baffle system with vector slots and transition bell exhaust connection. Fume chamber has glass-smooth surface. Vertical sash to be counter balanced 3/16” tempered safety glass with chemical resistant non-metallic PVC framing track and aerodynamic sash lift. A sash stop is installed at the 1/2 open position. Vapor proof LED light fixture and control switch are wired to a single point junction box. 115V/60Hz, AC All electrical components are U.L. listed. Optional electrical services. (B) Depth  
65521 65621 65821 651021
36" 65531 65631 65831 651031
48" 65541 65641 65841 651041
2.UniFlow MLX AireStream VAV Fume Hood: Same as #1 above except equipped with variable air volume VAV restricted by- pass feature in place of CAV by-pass feature. Ducting must be connected to optional VAV exhaust system controls. 30" 65522 65622 65822 651022
36" 65532 65632 65832 651032
48" 65542 65642 65842 651042
3. UniFlow MLX AireStream Fume Hood with Explosion Proof Light:Same as #1 above except, equipped with explosion proof vapor proof light fixture. Class I Division II Group A B C & D,Class II Division II Group F & G, 115V/60Hz U.L. listed fixture is installed but not wired. Must be field wired to comply with codes. 30" 65523 65623 65823 651023
36" 65533 65633 65833 651033
48" 65543 65643 65843 651043
4. UniFlow MLX AireStream Fume Hood:Same as #1 above except equipped to comply to international electrical configuration. 220V/50Hz AC Optional international electrical configuration, electrical switches, receptacles available. 30" 65524 65624 65824 651024
36" 65534 65634 65834 651034
48" 65544 65644 65844 651044
5. Horizontal Sliding Sash Option: Add suffix to number above
  65HS-5 65HS-6 65HS-8 65HS-10
6. Combination Sliding Sash Option: Add suffix to number above
  65CS-5 65CS-6 65CS-8  
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