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MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation
The MicroFlow III Workstation ideal for: A class 1 ductless hood workstation. Equipped with activated carbon filtration, for fumes, odors, non-hazardous chemical vapors and pre-filter.
• Easily moved and Completely self contained with integral recessed   work surface to contain spills.
• Clear hood surround with safety viewing sash allows visibility from 3   sides, and provides both safety and access to inside work area and   protect vision. Sash can be conformed for use with a microscope.
• Variable speed fan control. High speed for 100f/m. Air flow thru   viewing sash closed.
• Operates on 115V AC, or 230V International,conforms to UL, CSA, &   CE requirements.
• Electrical cord port exits both sides.
• Easy change out of used filter. Recommend filter change every 60-90   days. Filter life varies with usage.
• Filter is removed and replaced inside the fume chamber for
   user safety.
• Dimensions 24” wide X 20.75” high X 24” deep. Weight allows for   easy access with hands and forearms up to elbows.
MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation
Specifications: Cat. No.
1. MicroFlow III Workstation 115V 74010
2. Replacement carbon filter 52006
3. Replacement pre-filter 74011
4. Mobile Table 30” wide X 24” Deep X 30” high


MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation
Rear view of MicroFlow III
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Easy Filter Change
MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation MicroFlow III Ductless Workstation
MicroFlow III Remove plastic wrap from carbon
filter & snap into place using filter clips
Install particle prefilter and
attach using Velcro
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