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UniFlow Fume Hoods UniMax Floor Mount Fume Hood Catalog Modular Clean Labs EnviroMax Enclosures
Chemical resistant non-metallic fume hoods, accessories. Large format hood sizes up to 24’ long, 8’ deep & 16’ high. Fume Hoods, Lab furniture, countertops, safety equip Modular hardwall, softwall, CCS, HEPA systems. Vented applications, clean work environments
Ventilation Systems Educational Products Lab Planning Solutions Emergency Showers Canopy Hoods
Exhaust blowers, HEPA, Carbon Filtration, Ducting, Scrubbers Enclosures, Dual Entry,
Fume Hoods.
Lab furniture, countertops, sinks, fixtures, safety equip Emergency Showers, and accessories Canopy Hoods in Wall, Island and Corner formats.
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  UniFlow CE Fume Hood   Work Surfaces   Air Flow Monitor Workstation Benches
  Auxiliary Aire Fume Hood   HDPE Acid Digest Hood   Trace Metals Fume Hood Perchloric Acid Fume Hood
  Radioisotope Fume Hood   MicroFlow I Workstation   MicroFlow II Workstation   MicroFlow III Workstation
  CMM Rooms   Containment Control CCS   VSE Balance Enclosure   Acid Storage Cabinet
  Sash Management 1-2-3   Performance Test Kit   Drench Shower Safety Stations
  C Frame Table   Ductwork & Venting    
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  UniFlow CE Fume Hood   Lab Furniture Specs   HazMax Emergency Showers


  MicroFlow I Workstation   MicroFlow II Workstation   Sash Measurement
  Containment Control Systems   VSE Balance Enclosure   Safety Stations   Analog AirFlow Monitor
  Blowers   Soft Wall Clean Room   EnviroMax   Island Canopy Hood
  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate   Hood Chemical Resistance   Plan-A-Lab Worksheet Plan-A-Lab Lay Out
HEMCO Proprietary Brand Names
UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods   UniLine Laboratory Casework   MicroFlow I Workstations   MicroFlow II Workstation
Radioisotope Fume Hoods   UniFlow LE Dual Entry   UniFlow SE Dual Entry   UniFlow LE Fume Hoods
UniMax Fume Hoods & Enclosures   EnviroMax Enclosures   UniLab Modular Labs   HDPE Acid Digestion Hoods
Polypro Trace Metals Fume Hoods   HazMax Enclosures   VSE Vented Safety Enclosures   UniFlow CE Fume Hoods
UniFlow SE AireStream Hoods   UniFlow SE Walk-In Hoods   UniFlow LE Walk-In Hoods   Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods
UniFlow LE AireStream Hoods   UniFlow CE AireStream Hoods   UniFlow SE Fume Hoods   Auxiliary Aire Fume Hoods
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